Celebration for Shuai’s first-author paper in BOR. Everyone in the photo is above the age of 21….

Sep 2022, Allyssa joined us as a PhD student in CBMS program. Welcome!

Aug 14-19, 2022. The whole lab attend the in 2022 Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian Reproduction in West Dover, VT

McKenna and Shuai received the outstanding abstract awards from Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian Reproduction.

Dr. Zhao gave a talk on sexual differentiation of reproductive tracts. McKenna, Jillian and Shuai gave poster presentations.

June 10-14, 2022. The whole lab attended the annual meeting of Endocrine Society in Atlanta GA.

McKenna and Shuai received the Outstanding Abstract Awards

Jillian, McKenna and Shuai received the Early Career Forum Awards

Big congratulations!!!


Jan 5, 2022. Shuai’s paper on organ culture of fetal reproductive tracts is published online! 

Dec 14-19, 2021, Shuai (oral), Jillian (oral), McKenna (poster) presented their projects at the SSR meeting in St. Lous, MO. Big congrats! 


Oct 10-11, 2021. the whole lab drove to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to attend Illinois Symposium for Reproductive Science. Shuai and Jillian gave poster and oral presentations, respectively. Jillian received the 2nd place in Oral Presentation. BIG CONGRATS to ALL!!

Oct 4-6, 2021. Shuai, Jillian and Dr. Zhao presented their projects in the First Virtual Sex Determination Meeting. Shuai and Jillian did fantastic jobs!!

Sep 2021, McKenna Crossen joined us as a graduate student in ERP program. Welcome!

July 2021, Jillian Wilbourne joins us as a research intern. Welcome!!

May 2021,  Akil Maddineni joins us as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!!

Feb 26th 2021: Shuai and Blair has successful presented their first virtual poster presentation in The Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology 29th Annual Meeting. Great job!

Oct 2nd 2020: Darshigaa Gurumoorthy and Obinna Anyamele joined the lab as URS scholars. Welcome! They will work 4-6 hours per week for an academic year to understand vascular network establishment during sexual differentiation of reproductive tracts.

June 1st, 2020: Yuhan (Blair) Zhang joined the lab as a research intern. Welcome!

April 1st, 2020: Shuai joined the lab as a research specialist. Welcome!